• Well-being


    Well-being is about how we care for people. For us at Essity, well-being is the healthy state of both mind and body. We enable more people every day to live a fuller life together with families, friends, colleagues and in society.

    We differentiate our offer by: Caring and Daring to act boldly on social issues that others fear to champion. This means our company values drive us to go further than others. To improve well-being, we are willing to broaden access to hygiene and health solutions and tackle harder social issues where attitude and behaviors may be more difficult to change, e.g. speaking openly about menstruation, removing the stigma of incontinence, etc.

    We are willing to be more daring in what we say and to support this with innovative products and services that improve quality of life.

    Our 2030 goal is to improve people’s wellbeing every single day.

  • More from less

    More from less

    More From Less is how we commit to sustainable consumption. For us at Essity, more from less means innovating how we meet consumer and customer needs. We continuously reduce resources in the whole life cycle of our products and services.

    We differentiate our offer by: Building value using less by enabling behaviors that support sustainable consumption. This expresses that we commit ourselves to making sustainable consumption an easier decision for people. For Essity, it means that we want to change attitudes and encourage new behaviors – seeking to create more value from less resources, fewer products and supporting services.

    Our 2030 goal is to create better solutions with less environmental impact. 

  • Circularity


    Circularity is about our ambition to design products and solutions that fit into a circular society.

    The challenge of achieving true circularity is highly complex and involves many different parties before, during and after use of products. It is about exploring re use, renewable and/ or recycled materials and  waste management systems such as recycling (or composting for tissue). Essity’s distinctive culture of collaboration and partnership therefore gives us a real edge in addressing this challenge.

    Our 2030 goal is to improve people’s wellbeing every single day.