Essity recognizes that we are part of something much bigger. We contribute to the battle against climate change; reducing greenhouse gas emissions through greater use of renewable energy and energy efficiency programs.

  • These are some of our initiatives:

  • In 2018, 76% of our wood-derived fiber was sustainably sourced and FSC certified.

  • 60% of all waste is recovered from our parent company’s production plants, then transformed into materials or energy.

  • We have strict procedures in place to guarantee that all the materials and chemical products we use are safe for our consumers, employees and the environment.

  • To produce our Ultrathin products, we use less material and resources without changing the product’s functionality, security and quality.

  • One of our biggest commitments is to the Ellen Mc. Arthur Foundation with which we aim to reduce plastic waste, improve our materials recyclability and use more recycled plastic. Our commitment is that 100% of our plastic packaging will be recyclable and increase the use of recycled plastic to 25% by 2025.

  • Have you heard of cross contamination? It’s when harmful bacteria is transferred from a contaminated environment to a clean one. To avoid this problem, we’ve added adhesive to the border of all our pads packaging so they can be easily discarded avoiding the spread of diseases.