Our goal at Saba® is to keep offering better and more sustainable health and hygiene solutions.

We believe innovation is a source of well-being. That’s why we have implemented innovative initiatives that benefit our climate, society, health, and wellness.

By reducing our ecological footprint, championing gender equality, introducing innovative products, and investing in the emotional and physical health of girls and adolescents, we are contributing to a healthier and more comfortable future for everyone. 

We’re proud to share some of the innovative solutions we’ve implemented recently:


  • In 2018, Essity launched 29 innovations on a global scale, 59% of which resulted in social and environmental improvements.

  • We aim to be ahead of innovation in feminine care and hygiene. We have the only feminine pads equipped with SecureFit™ technology which provides a more comfortable fit to keep consumers protected from leaks.

  • Saba® was the first brand in the Americas to develop adhesives applied along the edges of our individually wrapped feminine pads to allow for more hygienic disposal, which in turn reduces the spread of germs and disease.