Pregnancy during periods?

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Has the idea of getting pregnant during your period ever crossed your mind? Well, we have the answer in case you ever wondered: YES!­čĄ» Although the risk is lower, different factors may influence what allows this to happen. Here, we can explain them to you.

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It’s totally common to think that we aren’t fertile during our period, which is a misconception since this depends on the length of the menstrual cycle, the time of ovulation, and the number of days that our period lasts.

The menstrual cycle begins on the first day of your period and ends one day before a new one starts. For most women, it lasts 28 to 35 days, but there are women who may have shorter cycles, 14 to 21 on average.

Ovulation usually occurs between days 12 and 14 before the end of the menstrual cycle, so it is very important that you identify how long your cycle lasts. Remember that all women are DIFFERENT!

A period normally lasts from 3 to 7 days and it is important to note that even if you’re in it, your hormonal cycle doesn’t stop, and continues to ovulate. This means that on the 7th day of your period, your body is already on the 7th day of the ovulatory cycle.

Remember that sperm can remain alive in a woman’s body for 48 to 72 hours, which means that if you have sex on the last days of your period (5-11 days) you will be close to ovulating so there’s a chance of you getting pregnant­čĄ░!

To avoid an unwanted pregnancy or a STD, it’s very important to use a birth control method. It’s best to combine a barrier method (condom) with a hormone method and feel protected at any time during your menstrual cycle.

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