Myths about having sex during your period

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Menstruation and sex are things that people don’t feel comfortable talking about, especially when it’s both at the same time. Having sex during your period is a personal choice, but before you make any decisions, you can read more about some of the myths surrounding sex during your period.

It’s dangerous to have sex during your period

Not at all! Besides some people who find blood unbearable, there’s absolutely no harm in having sex during your period. 

You can’t get pregnant during your period

Fake. You can still ovulate when you’re on your period and if you have sex while you’re ovulating you can get pregnant. So remember to use a birth control method. 

During my period I can’t get an STD

False. If your skin is going to touch someone else’s skin, and fluids are going to be shared, you could get an STD. Remember that the only birth control method that protects you against an STD is a condom.

During my period I feel extra horny

Hard yes. Women reach the maximum point of libido just before their period arrives and then it stays like that for a couple of days due to the hormones.

Sex helps with PMS

We all know PMS, and maybe you had sex while you had a symptom of PMS, and then it disappeared. This happens because when you’re horny your blood pressure goes straight to your uterus and substances like oxytocin and dopamine are released and help with the symptoms.  

If after reading these myths and the truth about them you still don’t feel comfortable having sex during your period, THAT’S JUST FINE! Remember that it’s a personal decision, and only you can make it.