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Saba® Daily Protection Multishape

Give Saba® one of your days!


Because we love to do more than a thousand things a day, Saba® Diarios Multishape is here to take care of you through each one of these activities. Gym, school, running, or just chilling? These pantiliners adapt to your underwear no matter what, making you feel #CómodaContigo.


Saba® Diarios Multishape protects your V Zone from sweat and secretions during the day. Saba® is exactly what you’re looking for to keep you dry, clean, and comfortable no matter what you do.

These pantiliners are super absorbent and have flexible edges that adjust perfectly to your body, so you can use them with any type of underwear.

And don’t worry, because we know that the skin of your vulva is delicate. Our feminine pads come with a natural extract that makes them ultra soft and takes care of your skin and prevents irritation.

Remember to change them at least 3 times a day to make sure you feel comfortable all day long!


Saba® freedom to feel comfortable.

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  • Soft cover

  • Daily use

  • Ultra discreet

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