Sex injuries

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If you are having sex, you have probably experienced at some point in your life a concern or injury after something didn’t go as planned. It’s super common if something goes slightly wrong, so here we tell you the most common injuries during sex that can happen and how to prevent them: 

Vaginal Tearing 

If your V-zone hurts and bleeds when you’re having sex, it may be due to a vaginal tear. We know it sounds serious, but you don’t have to be alarmed. 

These are often the result of vaginal dryness and have a very simple solution: make sure you are lubricated before any sexual act.

If the tear is large and doesn’t heal on its own after a few days, we recommend that you see your doctor as soon as possible.

Lost condoms in your V-zone

It’s totally common for a condom to be suddenly lost while having sex due to the movement, but don’t panic, and relax your body so you can take out the condom more easily. If you can’t, then see your doctor ASAP, and he or she will probably be able to remove it easily. 

Back injuries

A bad move at a bad time can hurt your spine. The quick solution is to apply ice to reduce swelling and remember to go to the doctor if the pain doesn’t go away.


Some fluids, lubricants, and even saliva can cause allergies and skin irritations. So remember that if it doesn't feel right and you start to see that your skin is turning red, immediately rinse the area with water. If the irritation gets worst and you become infected, see your doctor ASAP!

Don’t be embarrassed if you ever hurt yourself while having sex. It’s super common but we can also prevent it very easily.