Oral sex

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Oral sex is a subject that often distresses us, we have thousands of doubts and few answers. Oral sex, for example, is practiced a lot but is spoken of very little, so let’s talk about some myths that revolve around this sexual practice so you can be informed about what is true and what is not.

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Oral sex is bad: False. This is just one of the many positions that exist in the moral aspect. The truth is that oral sex is just one more expression of sexuality at an intimate level😳. What is bad is to do it irresponsibly and without the necessary hygiene.

Oral sex doesn’t spread diseases: Totally false! It’s completely possible to get a STD through oral sex, such as syphilis, gonorrhea, or HIV, among others.

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It’s not necessary to use a condom: False, in both sexual intercourse and oral sex. Using a condom to avoid contact with any fluid is super important, especially if you have more than one sexual partner. This is the only way to prevent the risk of getting a STD.  


It’s impossible to get pregnant: Absolutely true, let’s avoid confusions. To achieve getting pregnant, it’s necessary to unite a sperm and an egg through penetration, and this is impossible with oral sex.

What we eat can alter the taste of our fluids💦: True. Drinking water and citrus beverages can alter the taste of man’s fluids. In the case of women, it depends more on hormones and other factors, such as pubic hair.

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Not only STDs: bad and poor hygiene can cause other diseases such as infections, rashes, allergies, and in very extreme cases, tumors. You can avoid this by going to your doctor👩‍⚕ and your dentist once a year for an annual checkup🗓.

We hope this article answered some of your doubts and helps you be more aware of the magnitude of responsibility and care that this practice requires. If you have questions, don’t forget that you can write to us💕.