Myths about vaginal discharge

Saba makes you feel #CómodaContigo. 

Vaginal discharges are a secretion generated by the mucous membrane. This is natural lubrication that’s white or a little yellow. The discharge can change color during the menstrual cycle. But because we know that there’s a lot of myths around vaginal discharge, we put the real info together. 

Vaginal discharge = vaginal infection 

False! Remember that this discharge is completely normal because it helps to keep your vagina clean and healthy. 

Vaginal discharges smell like fish

This is absolutely false. Every vulva has a particular smell and this is completely normal. BUT a vaginal infection could have a strong fishy smell, so if you notice that something down there is smelling weird, we recommend you go to your doctor ASAP.  


Vaginal discharge only happens when you’re ovulating

Wrong! Vaginal discharges are absolutely normal through your entire menstrual cycle.


Pregnant women don’t have vaginal discharges

False! Actually, during pregnancy vaginal discharges tend to increase because the body is doing its best to keep any infection away.


The food we eat affects the discharge 

So true. The food we eat can change the color and the smell of our vaginal discharge. 


Vaginal discharges are absolutely natural and keep the vagina healthy. 

If you happen to feel uncomfortable with vaginal discharges, remember that you can also use some pantiliners to keep any discomfort away.